Important Message Regarding Magic Ears Rebranding

We recently announced that Magic Ears would be rebranding and changing names following the merger with VIPTHINK to better reflect our combined vision. We understand this announcement has many teachers concerned about the future of Bonny and their investments in the Magic Ears shop. 

We want to reassure you… rebranding a company can take months, if not years, to fully implement, especially when tied to a merger of this nature. The pending name change is not imminent, and we will continue to operate as Magic Ears for the foreseeable future. 

Bonny will also be hopping into our new brand, making new friends along the way. Bonny is a cherished icon for both our teachers and our teams in China and Nashville, Tenn. There will always be a place for Bonny in our hearts, our curriculum, and your classrooms.

Even once the rebranding has been implemented, ALL Magic Ears items will still be acceptable to be worn while teaching.