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About Magic Ears

About Magic Ears

At Magic Ears, we focus on narrowing the education gap for less privileged children in China by connecting a global classroom through our affordable 1-on-4 online English learning programs. We’re opening doors for children to become the first in their families to attend college, to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive world, and to connect with other students located across the globe.

Our mission is two-fold: 

To empower and inspire every kid for the future.
This is at the heart of everything we do. Our resources are focused on creating quality products that go beyond the classroom. We provide 1v4 classrooms because we believe it creates the environment most conducive to language learning, and it helps break down barriers to make English education more affordable and attainable.

To provide the best platform and career opportunity for teachers.
Our teachers are our family. We value community over competition, which is why our system allows the teacher to start booking immediately and prevents the need to self-promote to parents. Our cancellation policy is simple: we believe you when you are sick and need to cancel. Together, these practices create a focused and flexible teaching environment.